“Who on earth would play a tuba?”

That’s what many people ask me when they see this colossal instrument. It’s as if I did something bad in a previous life, or was cursed by a genie.

There have been many times when I’ve asked myself the same question. Particularly when lugging it in and out of my car or (before I owned a car) squeezing into a train or bus with it.

In actual fact, it’s a great instrument. I started at school because I’ve always been tall, and … well …. obviously it’s better if you’re tall when you play the tuba.

Since then, it’s opened many doors to me that would have been closed if I’d played, say, the piccolo. I’ve played at the Barbican in London, in churches in Budapest and – now – at the Darwin Convention Centre.

And you end up being really fond of the instrument. It puts you in a special club, as if you owned a classic car or did basket weaving.





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