Thank you so much for your ideas about the music we should listen to in the car. It’s been great to have your input and quite often your suggestions are works that we hadn’t thought about, but have been really appropriate.

Someone on the text line – was it you David, from near Ipswich? – had the idea that we put together a CD of them. So we’ve done it – in record time! It’s available to order now, by clicking  here.

Your suggestions seemed to fall into two distinct categories, so we’ve created 2 CDs depending on how you’re feeling.

So Windows Up – that’s the CD to put in if you’re in a contemplative mood, and want something wholesome and reflective to listen to while you’re driving.

Windows Down. Well that’s the blast it out the windows CD, educate a crow or two, crank the volume to 11. You know what I mean 😉



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