Day 14

  • Bowral-Sydney
  • Distance from Darwin – see photo

I can’t believe it – we came SO close to 5,000km since Darwin:


It did cross our minds to go, you know, around the block a few times to make it up to the big 5k but by the time we got home, we were done for!

It’s been a truly memorable day. I broadcast this morning from Sir Donald Bradman’s childhood home in Bowral, New South Wales.

img_3111I really felt that, when Greta opened the front door after 8am news, I was being invited into a family home. The kettle was one (a whistling kettle no less!), there were scones and muffins, and – best of all – some familiar faces: Greta herself, and some ABC Classic FM colleagues I hadn’t seen in what seemed like an eternity.


Wolfy didn’t take long to settle in either…


It was so special to be in this space this morning. We did the broadcast around the kitchen table, with mugs of tea, and it was a warm and cosy way to finish the Classic Road Trip. It was so good, too, to meet so many Classic FM listeners – thanks very much if you came along.

After an unexpected success hitting a golf ball against Sir Don’s water tank in the garden, it was time to make the short trip home. If you know the area, it’s very hilly around Bowral. We took the Macquarie Pass, over the Illawarra Escarpment, and the Pacific Ocean was soon in view. Quite a sight after the drive from the Northern Territory.

And, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my own lounge, in my own home, ABC Classic FM on the radio, Wolfy in a little curled up ball on the couch. Lauren has put the kettle on. It’s good to be home. Thanks for everything!

Actually, before I go, a special thanks to you if you suggested music for us to listen to in the car on the Classic Road Trip. The ideas were very welcome indeed.

David near Ipswich, and Dale and Glen, you all suggested we take the ideas and made a CD. So we did! More information about it here.




One Comment on “Day 14

  1. Loved your trip & broadcasts & music along the way. Finale with Greta in Bowral was brilliant. Hope you do another trip & come to Victoria – ‘Wolfy’ would love meeting all the doggies on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


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