Day 11

  • Horsham-Bendigo
  • Distance from Darwin: 3960.3km
  • Price of gold: depends where you look

It was an early start to do my show from the ABC in Horsham. But Lauren and Wolfy kept me company in the studio.During the show, I heard on the text line from Tina. She helps out with Riding for the Disabled in Horsham. So we whizzed out there straight after 9am to meet Tina and her horses.Rachael was there too – she’d heard me mention on the radio where we were going and came out to say hi. So nice of her!Then it was back in the car to check out the flat, majestic countryside of this part of Victoria. There was a bit of squally weather around too – nothing unusual at all in these parts, but the first real rain we’ve seen all trip.We also drove through Minyip which turns out to be where they filmed The Flying Doctors. Well I had to get the tuba out…Now we’re in Bendigo with the heater cranked in our room, and thinking about an early night! See ya!

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