Day 10

  • Adelaide-Horsham
  • Since Darwin: 3457km
  • Silos sighted: 27 or thereabouts

Grain silos are awesome. They’re dotted throughout the countryside in eastern South Australia and northwest Victoria. They loom ahead like beacons in the almost flat landscape.

(Actually, as an aside, on a family holiday in France once we thought a grain silo was Reims Cathedral)

This is the grain silo in Coonalpyn, SA.Stunning isn’t it? So a bunch of these already magnificent structures have had murals painted on them. Just brilliant.

So we’re into the beautiful farmland of northwest Victoria now and, with the desert well behind us, it feels like we’re on the last leg.

Horsham is great. We arrived and went straight to the ABC to check in before my show tomorrow.

Waiting for us there was Hidi. She’d heard we were in town and had come in on a whim to see if we were there.We checked into our motel and, as any cultured visitor would do, we immediately went to the bottle shop. The one in Horsham has a pot bellied stove burning in the middle of it, next to the wine fridge and piles of cartons. We wondered if we could just move in….

One Comment on “Day 10

  1. Welcome to Horsham Russell. If you have time before you leave. Go for a walk down the Yanga Track beside the beautiful Wimmera river.
    Chris Phelan


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