Day 8

  • Port Pirie-Sevenhill (near Clare)
  • Distance from Darwin: 3081km
  • Price of Riesling: $40/litre for unleaded

I did my show from Port Pirie this morning which was lovely! Then we had a look around, played tuba in front of smelter, and drove into the hills.

We headed through Germein Gorge which is stunning and, then we got to the uplands near the Clare Valley.

There were great clouds today, weren’t there? This part of the country is beautiful. We could see great distances from the road, the rolling landscape was dotted with gloriously bright fields of canola.

We’re in Clare now and all set up for an outside broadcast, from a bakery! See you in the morning.

If you’re nearby, we’ll be at 148 Main North Road Sevenhill (not Clare!)

One Comment on “Day 8

  1. I have only just found your posts from Saturday when you did your Reccy of Pirie. I see Wolfy enjoyed her sniff around on the other side of the Bridge to Nowhere. How splendid to See Tuba playing in Port Pirie – Good Luck with your broadcast from Bowral. It was fantastic to meet you, Laura and Wolfy


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