Day 7

  • Coober Pedy-Port Pirie
  • Revelation of the day: seeing water again and realising we’ve crossed a continent
  • Distance from Darwin: 2812 (I’ll need to start using standard index form)

Another long drive. But oh what scenery!

So the leg from Coober Pedy to where we are tonight was by far the most arid and desert-like of the trip so far. I suppose we assumed that that title would go to the area round Alice Springs.

Huge vistas of almost flat salt brush, every now and again undulating to a ridge of flat topped hill.

About 2 hours south of Coober Pedy we drove up quite a steep hill and were suddenly on a totally flat plateau. With the blue skies and high, wispy clouds it was mesmerising.

After a short stop at the stunning Lake Hart – all salt by the way – the Flinders Ranges were soon in view and we swept down to Port Augusta and the Spencer Gulf.

We’re staying in Port Pirie tonight. I’m about to go off and chat about the trip on ABC North and West, grab some dinner and turn in. I’m on your radio in the morning!

3 Comments on “Day 7

  1. Wonderful trip. Great reading your daily reports and seeing your pics. Pity you haven’t had more time to stop and smell the roses (so to speak!) When you have time, listen to Andrew Langford: didgeridoo CD Sounds of Twilight. All tracks terrific but Todd River magnificent. Love to Wolfy


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