Day 6

  • Alice Springs-Coober Pedy
  • Distance from Darwin: 2251.9km
  • Fact of the day: ‘Coober Pedy’ is derived from ‘white man down a hole’ in local language

It’s been the longest drive so far of the Classic Road Trip. About 7 hours 30 minutes from Alice Springs.

Let’s talk about road house food. I’ve actually been really pleasantly surprised so far. I like my grub and thought it would all be unidentifiable brown objects on the road. But I’ve been wrong so far.

Today was the exception. I think I took on a year’s supply of luke-warm grease at a road house today, advertised as a ‘spring roll’. I’m going on a health kick when I get home.

The landscape between Alice Springs and Coober Pedy is stunning and awe inspiring. Out of Alice, you leave the mountain ranges behind and head into flat pastoral country. Coming into Coober Pedy is some of the most arid land I’ve seen.

By the way, we nearly hit a camel. Yeah you heard that correctly. It was by the road. Honest.

Coober Pedy itself is extraordinary. Have you been here? I didn’t know what to expect at all.

Coming into town from the north, evidence of the opal mining is the first thing you notice. In the totally flat, dry landscape are piles of brilliant white tailings from mine shafts. There are hundreds of them. You’d think you were on the Planet Zorb.

We took Wolfy for a walk. In town, everywhere seems to be underground, including the church!

We’re getting an early night. Another long drive to Port Pirie tomorrow!

5 Comments on “Day 6

  1. Yep, Cooper Pedy. I know what you say. It was last century when I was there (~78?) and raining for several days. Above ground was a swamp, no mud city! Underground was the only place to be! In the CP the showers were 20c in the slot, but no hot water. We slipped and slid down the road all the way to Pimba. I expect the road is sealed now? I should go back, it can only be better when the sun is shining 🙂

    Loving your program and blog.



    • Hi Tim wow that sounds feral. At least it’s dry – very dry! – here tonight. The only drama was finding food. Everywhere seems to be fluoro lit and equipped with only deep fryers! Gonna get some veggies sometime soon or I’ll get scurvy!


  2. Am astonished at your wonderful landscape photos. Please keep them coming. Tell us what music you are listening to over these long driving days. Margaret


    • Well we had Vaughan Williams going yesterday it just seemed right. Today – well it’s a Copland landscape. I’ll take some more photos for you today Margaret


  3. Yes a very strange place. Loving the blog, the surprise mid-week appearance on breakfast. I’ve done it in the opposite direction, but too long ago.


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