Day 4

  • Tennant Creek-Alice Springs
  • Distance from Darwin: 1446km
  • Price of coffee: ask me tomorrow

Karlu Karlu, or the Devil’s Marbles to give the site its former name, is astonishing.

What takes your breath away isn’t the extraordinary site of huge boulders balanced precariously, but the context.

To get there you go through an hour or so of empty, straight highway and then – there it is. I can understand why Karlu Karlu has held so much mystique for many tens of thousands of years. It’s like it’s been placed by god or otherworldly beings.


Speaking of which: further down the road is Wycliffe Well – ‘Australia’s UFO Capital’. How does somewhere decide it deserves such a title? It’s really just a servo and breezy caravan park with some alien figures placed around the place. You know, under a tree, next to a bin. Clearly the owners have a sense of humour.

Then on to the magnificent Alice Springs. I had no idea how beautiful the setting was for the capital of the desert. We went up ANZAC Hill near sunset to view the town.

I’m doing my breakfast show from here tomorrow morning then I’m going to meet some truly remarkable local musicians. Can’t wait!

2 Comments on “Day 4

    • Thanks Trish I’ll check it out! Yes I wish we had more time too but Wolfy wants to get home


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