Day 3

  • Daly Waters Pub-Tennant Creek
  • Distance from Darwin: 1015.6km
  • Price of ULP: $1.62

Before I start on Day 3 – which is a bit boring – let me tell you about the rest of Day 2.

Daly Waters Pub – it goes off like a firecracker. I never thought I’d see such revelry in somewhere so remote.Everyone had a story to tell – mainly about where they’d been and where they were going to.

The beer was flowing and before long, a fella in a stockman hat and a Hawaiian shirt got out the guitar and played covers of songs you’d forgotten you’d forgotten.

We had an early night but we could still hear the music and good cheer. We were woken by a loud knock on our door at around 11 – someone had partaken of a few too many refreshments and forgotten which room they were staying in!

So that’s Daly Waters. Early this morning I took Wolfy for a walk and we saw roos bouncing away in the distance.

We also checked out Daly Waters’ historic airfield. This used to be a refueling stop en route between Australia and anywhere else. At one point in time, passengers would leave the aircraft and spend the night in pub. Beats the drinks trolley you get nowadays – very civilised!We drove the 400kms or so along the Stuart Highway to Tennant Creek. Everyone we’ve spoken to has described this town as if it’s a Mexican border town. ‘Lock up yer valuables’, ‘Barricade yerself in yer room with barbed wire!’

But it’s actually really nice. We’ve taken Wolfy for a walk to the shop and now she’s chasing flies.

Up early in the morning to go to the Devil’s Marbles. Set your alarm!

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