ABC Classic FM weekend Breakfast

Russell Torrance and family #classicroadtrip

This story starts with a dog. That’s her in the picture. She’s tiny, isn’t she? She’s called Wolfy and – well – we think she’s a Chihuahua mixed with something else. Could be anything. She’s about 9 years old and is the sweetest, most eccentric little thing you’ll meet.

My wife Lauren came up to Darwin with work a couple of months ago and brought Wolfy with her on the plane. We don’t think Wolfy enjoyed the trip. In fact we took one look at her and decided that that would be her last time travelling by air.

So it’s time to get back to Sydney. Which means – a road trip! Not any old road trip either. We’ve had this idea that I’ll do my breakfast show on ABC Classic FM from different places along the way. A…. let me think for a minute…. Classic Road Trip!

We’ve just figured out the route – Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Port Pirie, Clare Valley, Horsham, Bowral and then Sydney.

Do you live along the way? If so, we hope to see you! (You can send me a message below.) If not, you’re coming along anyway – I’ll bringing you plenty of photos, videos and thoughts over the next few weeks. Get packing!


Day 14

  • Bowral-Sydney
  • Distance from Darwin – see photo

I can’t believe it – we came SO close to 5,000km since Darwin:


It did cross our minds to go, you know, around the block a few times to make it up to the big 5k but by the time we got home, we were done for!

It’s been a truly memorable day. I broadcast this morning from Sir Donald Bradman’s childhood home in Bowral, New South Wales.

img_3111I really felt that, when Greta opened the front door after 8am news, I was being invited into a family home. The kettle was one (a whistling kettle no less!), there were scones and muffins, and – best of all – some familiar faces: Greta herself, and some ABC Classic FM colleagues I hadn’t seen in what seemed like an eternity.


Wolfy didn’t take long to settle in either…


It was so special to be in this space this morning. We did the broadcast around the kitchen table, with mugs of tea, and it was a warm and cosy way to finish the Classic Road Trip. It was so good, too, to meet so many Classic FM listeners – thanks very much if you came along.

After an unexpected success hitting a golf ball against Sir Don’s water tank in the garden, it was time to make the short trip home. If you know the area, it’s very hilly around Bowral. We took the Macquarie Pass, over the Illawarra Escarpment, and the Pacific Ocean was soon in view. Quite a sight after the drive from the Northern Territory.

And, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting on my own lounge, in my own home, ABC Classic FM on the radio, Wolfy in a little curled up ball on the couch. Lauren has put the kettle on. It’s good to be home. Thanks for everything!

Actually, before I go, a special thanks to you if you suggested music for us to listen to in the car on the Classic Road Trip. The ideas were very welcome indeed.

David near Ipswich, and Dale and Glen, you all suggested we take the ideas and made a CD. So we did! More information about it here.




Day 13

  • Gundagai-Bowral
  • Distance from Darwin: 4,842.3km
  • Price of scones: priceless


That’s a picture of the hillside near where we stayed, just south of Gundagai. Compare with this:


… a photo which I took just before we left Darwin and, well, the enormity of the distance travelled on the Classic Road Trip is brought home to you, isn’t it?

Gundagai was blustery with a capital ‘brrr’. Luckily we were staying in beautifully heated chalet on a farm and Wolfy was cosy in a little cot.


I could tell you that we hit the town of Gundagai, going in all the pubs, talking to fella called Geoff about his grandkids. But we didn’t. This was a night for staying in with some chips and dips, and block of cheese and some crackers. I think we went to bed about 8pm.

Now we’ve made the shortish drive up the Hume Highway to Mittagong, near Bowral. I’m not going to lie to you – it’ll be an other early night. Gotta get up in the morning to go meet Greta at Sir Don Bradman’s childhood home. Can’t wait!



Day 12

  • Bendigo-Tumblong (near Gundagai)
  • Distance from Darwin: 4467.6km

Well we’re back in New South Wales! The day started with a great breakfast in one of the laneways in Bendigo. Brrrr it was chilly! We had to wrap Wolfy in a blanket at the cafe.Wolfy had a good back scratch on the grass…… then it was time to hit the roads. A clean sweep across the rolling countryside of Victoria – through Shepperton – and before we knew it we were among the trucks and caravans on the Hume Highway.

And now we’re in a farmstay on a hill just south of Gundagai. It’s cold but we’ve got the heater on and feeling very relaxed! Only a short jaunt tomorrow to Bowral to meet up with Greta Bradman.

I forgot to tell you yesterday: we met up last night in Bendigo with Lauren’s friend. Her little daughter drew us a picture of the Classic Road Trip.

Day 11

  • Horsham-Bendigo
  • Distance from Darwin: 3960.3km
  • Price of gold: depends where you look

It was an early start to do my show from the ABC in Horsham. But Lauren and Wolfy kept me company in the studio.During the show, I heard on the text line from Tina. She helps out with Riding for the Disabled in Horsham. So we whizzed out there straight after 9am to meet Tina and her horses.Rachael was there too – she’d heard me mention on the radio where we were going and came out to say hi. So nice of her!Then it was back in the car to check out the flat, majestic countryside of this part of Victoria. There was a bit of squally weather around too – nothing unusual at all in these parts, but the first real rain we’ve seen all trip.We also drove through Minyip which turns out to be where they filmed The Flying Doctors. Well I had to get the tuba out…Now we’re in Bendigo with the heater cranked in our room, and thinking about an early night! See ya!

Day 10

  • Adelaide-Horsham
  • Since Darwin: 3457km
  • Silos sighted: 27 or thereabouts

Grain silos are awesome. They’re dotted throughout the countryside in eastern South Australia and northwest Victoria. They loom ahead like beacons in the almost flat landscape.

(Actually, as an aside, on a family holiday in France once we thought a grain silo was Reims Cathedral)

This is the grain silo in Coonalpyn, SA.Stunning isn’t it? So a bunch of these already magnificent structures have had murals painted on them. Just brilliant.

So we’re into the beautiful farmland of northwest Victoria now and, with the desert well behind us, it feels like we’re on the last leg.

Horsham is great. We arrived and went straight to the ABC to check in before my show tomorrow.

Waiting for us there was Hidi. She’d heard we were in town and had come in on a whim to see if we were there.We checked into our motel and, as any cultured visitor would do, we immediately went to the bottle shop. The one in Horsham has a pot bellied stove burning in the middle of it, next to the wine fridge and piles of cartons. We wondered if we could just move in….

Day 9

  • Sevenhill-Adelaide
  • Distance from Darwin: 3218.6km
  • Price of a cream bun: $3.80

This morning we did something I don’t think we’ve done on ABC Classic FM before. We did a normal show from somewhere totally unusual. A bakery! It meant you could come and say g’day – which I loved.

So the day started at 4am. Still dark but the magpies were ‘coralling’. In fact they were so loud that you could hear them on the radio at one point.

So many people made the trip to Sevenhill to meet us. They all brought their dogs to meet Wolfy. It was amazing! A few listeners had even got up early and driven up from Adelaide. I appreciate it so much.

It’s Sunday afternoon now and time for a couple of days’ rest. See you in Horsham on Wednesday!

Day 8

  • Port Pirie-Sevenhill (near Clare)
  • Distance from Darwin: 3081km
  • Price of Riesling: $40/litre for unleaded

I did my show from Port Pirie this morning which was lovely! Then we had a look around, played tuba in front of smelter, and drove into the hills.

We headed through Germein Gorge which is stunning and, then we got to the uplands near the Clare Valley.

There were great clouds today, weren’t there? This part of the country is beautiful. We could see great distances from the road, the rolling landscape was dotted with gloriously bright fields of canola.

We’re in Clare now and all set up for an outside broadcast, from a bakery! See you in the morning.

If you’re nearby, we’ll be at 148 Main North Road Sevenhill (not Clare!)